Friday, 23 January 2015


Nothing is ever clear, an sometimes you hope and pray that at some point it will be, but the truth is you've just got to wing it.

Living is just more than waiting for something to happen to you. Go outside, see the world take it all in before its too late. Make sure you live and do whatever you want... because at the end of the day i'd rather be making myself happy than anybody else. If i'm happy everything will fall into place.

You don't need to have money for that, even the smallest things can make us happy, talking to friends, going for walks, music, art, bike rides, sitting alone in a quite room reading your favourite book.
All these things make me happy and i wont ever let anyone stop me doing the things that do make me happy.

I want to live my life how i see myself, by following my rules of how to be happy. Not somebody elses, and if the things that make me happy change, then they change and I'll be growing as a person.

Be happy

Be you.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Home sweet home! & going LIVE on radio for the first time!!


this weekend i've finally come back to rainy old Manchester! and its been so relaxed well as much as if could be anyway! still very stressed with all my work going on at uni etc! but its all getting there! been so busy the past couple of weeks, and going to be even more busy in the next couple of weeks! i have so much work to do and get done, such as filming a documentary, my radio show, essays then planning a drama and another radio show! crazy crazy busy! but in a way i do love being busy all of the time, but its nice to just sit and relax for a while when all the rush is happening all around you


are you guys going to tune into my radio show? its happening on the 29th of October! its called headspace and its the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! and everyone loves halloween! :)

so everyone should tune in!

and go to

on the Wednesday the 29th between 2-3pm!

dont miss it to hear me and my co-presenter talk about spooky things!!!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Today - 11th October 2014

Hello everyone! 
Today has been such a busy day for me! Been cleaning my room out doing the washing etc it's been so productive! Also one of my house mate finally got a job today so we're going to go out and celebrate!!! Well done Helena! Proud of you! 

My room is looking super cool now really pulling together still got other things to do! But it won't be long till it's finally finished and homely! 

Here's a little snippet to a part of my room! I'll have more of them up soon! 

Friday, 10 October 2014


hello everyone!

this post is all about my main girl! she recently came to visit me in my second home LINCOLN!
a group of my friends came to visit me and too see the city! which i hope i did amazing job of showing them!

So... Vickie!

I miss you! i miss all of you... i cannot wait to see you and spend cute weekends at mine over the Christmas holidays! it was an amazing weekend when you guys were here, i hope you guys had a great weekend and want to come visit again, but most of all it meant so much to me for you too come visit me in Lincoln and for you guys to make the effort!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My beautiful lincoln

I love lincoln, it is for sure my second home! Everything about it just is amazing how it can be so busy and full of students but still look amazing and peaceful! 

After being away for a summer I really do get why I love it here so much and why I chose to come to this university, mainly because of the course! But just because I feel like it fits my personality and I love being near water! 

I was born and raised in greater Manchester so I'm quite a city girl and always will be! 
"Can take then girl out the city but not the city out of the girl" but regardless to that lincoln is amazing and I feel so peaceful and relaxed being here is such a good place to live, study and work I don't everyone understands how lovely it is! 

Please come visit lincoln whenever you can because what you will find will amaze you, from its modern night life to its cute tea shops and vintage stores! And it's history to of course! 

Everything it's perfect here (matter of opinion) but still I'm sure my viewers might feel the same love if they visited! 


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Beautiful day

Today was such a beatiful day in lincoln, for thoughs of you who don't know this is where I study... And it just happened to be gay pride! It's got nothing on Manchester pride but it was pretty good I got a few lovely pictures but what really made it more important is that everyone there is truly happy in the moment and having so much fun with there partners and friends just living in the moment It made me feel really special to be able to witness that I feel like life it's just wonderful today no matter what! Keep going everyone, everyday is beautiful keep looking up 


Saturday, 27 September 2014


I've Been thinking a lot about art and being creative and realising that in some way whenever someone try's to do something creative and different and magical someone in the world or even the person next too them will knock it down but it's never creative help or thought it's always in some way or another to knock us or them down...
I am a very creative person I lie in bed at night for hours recording ideas filming Radom things around my room and drawing and writing, painting and singing even listening to other art or watching I can never seem to control my mind and the way my creative side spills out of control and I've notice when I try to express that emotion and meaning and feeling that I have for my art forms, people tend to take me as a laughing stock... 
And in some ways I feel that's because that don't see me as an intelligent mind yes I can't spell correctly yes my words get mixed up and I'm not the best at writing things down the way I think that and I may say and do bizarre things but I am different

I am creative, I live and breathe different forms of art I see it everywhere everyday from when walking to university and just seeing the buildings and the trees to lying in bed and randomly making up this 
amazing story of
love and fantasy  

Everything I live and breathe is art is some form and I wouldn't change it for anything because I feel like I am lucky to be able to feel what I feel when seeing things form and helping people feel through a story or a film maybe a song or a radio show 

If I can give people what was given to me by other amazing different artist of all creative forms then I have achieved my dream

A dream to help someone realise they are amazing no matter what