Sunday, 26 October 2014

Home sweet home! & going LIVE on radio for the first time!!


this weekend i've finally come back to rainy old Manchester! and its been so relaxed well as much as if could be anyway! still very stressed with all my work going on at uni etc! but its all getting there! been so busy the past couple of weeks, and going to be even more busy in the next couple of weeks! i have so much work to do and get done, such as filming a documentary, my radio show, essays then planning a drama and another radio show! crazy crazy busy! but in a way i do love being busy all of the time, but its nice to just sit and relax for a while when all the rush is happening all around you


are you guys going to tune into my radio show? its happening on the 29th of October! its called headspace and its the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! and everyone loves halloween! :)

so everyone should tune in!

and go to

on the Wednesday the 29th between 2-3pm!

dont miss it to hear me and my co-presenter talk about spooky things!!!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Today - 11th October 2014

Hello everyone! 
Today has been such a busy day for me! Been cleaning my room out doing the washing etc it's been so productive! Also one of my house mate finally got a job today so we're going to go out and celebrate!!! Well done Helena! Proud of you! 

My room is looking super cool now really pulling together still got other things to do! But it won't be long till it's finally finished and homely! 

Here's a little snippet to a part of my room! I'll have more of them up soon! 

Friday, 10 October 2014


hello everyone!

this post is all about my main girl! she recently came to visit me in my second home LINCOLN!
a group of my friends came to visit me and too see the city! which i hope i did amazing job of showing them!

So... Vickie!

I miss you! i miss all of you... i cannot wait to see you and spend cute weekends at mine over the Christmas holidays! it was an amazing weekend when you guys were here, i hope you guys had a great weekend and want to come visit again, but most of all it meant so much to me for you too come visit me in Lincoln and for you guys to make the effort!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My beautiful lincoln

I love lincoln, it is for sure my second home! Everything about it just is amazing how it can be so busy and full of students but still look amazing and peaceful! 

After being away for a summer I really do get why I love it here so much and why I chose to come to this university, mainly because of the course! But just because I feel like it fits my personality and I love being near water! 

I was born and raised in greater Manchester so I'm quite a city girl and always will be! 
"Can take then girl out the city but not the city out of the girl" but regardless to that lincoln is amazing and I feel so peaceful and relaxed being here is such a good place to live, study and work I don't everyone understands how lovely it is! 

Please come visit lincoln whenever you can because what you will find will amaze you, from its modern night life to its cute tea shops and vintage stores! And it's history to of course! 

Everything it's perfect here (matter of opinion) but still I'm sure my viewers might feel the same love if they visited! 


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Beautiful day

Today was such a beatiful day in lincoln, for thoughs of you who don't know this is where I study... And it just happened to be gay pride! It's got nothing on Manchester pride but it was pretty good I got a few lovely pictures but what really made it more important is that everyone there is truly happy in the moment and having so much fun with there partners and friends just living in the moment It made me feel really special to be able to witness that I feel like life it's just wonderful today no matter what! Keep going everyone, everyday is beautiful keep looking up 


Saturday, 27 September 2014


I've Been thinking a lot about art and being creative and realising that in some way whenever someone try's to do something creative and different and magical someone in the world or even the person next too them will knock it down but it's never creative help or thought it's always in some way or another to knock us or them down...
I am a very creative person I lie in bed at night for hours recording ideas filming Radom things around my room and drawing and writing, painting and singing even listening to other art or watching I can never seem to control my mind and the way my creative side spills out of control and I've notice when I try to express that emotion and meaning and feeling that I have for my art forms, people tend to take me as a laughing stock... 
And in some ways I feel that's because that don't see me as an intelligent mind yes I can't spell correctly yes my words get mixed up and I'm not the best at writing things down the way I think that and I may say and do bizarre things but I am different

I am creative, I live and breathe different forms of art I see it everywhere everyday from when walking to university and just seeing the buildings and the trees to lying in bed and randomly making up this 
amazing story of
love and fantasy  

Everything I live and breathe is art is some form and I wouldn't change it for anything because I feel like I am lucky to be able to feel what I feel when seeing things form and helping people feel through a story or a film maybe a song or a radio show 

If I can give people what was given to me by other amazing different artist of all creative forms then I have achieved my dream

A dream to help someone realise they are amazing no matter what

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Hey all!

decided to change my blog name! going to revamp my blog hope it will look good! go follow me on blog lovin' ?!

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till next time



Monday, 2 June 2014

Catch up

Hello there blog viewers,

Currently at the pub quiz but thought I'd do a quick post just to say hi! Not been posting much because I've been super busy busy! Looking for jobs and just having a good time with my summer! Hopefully my makeup video will be up and my vlog will be up soon I hope and I hope you'll all enjoy it! The futures looking up Hun! 

Till next time



Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Hello everyone

Today I've got a interview and hopefully I'll get a couple of jobs here and there! Which means money for summer!! How exciting I've got a lot of stuff coming up soon so excited to show you all wish me luck!

Till next time 



Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Yummy smoothie!

Hey everyone! 

So my mum makes the best smoothies ever and I made one today for me and a friends and I'm having it while I write this post! 

Okay so we have a blender thing called a nutri bullet which makes the most amazing smoothies but this is my favourite! 
It consists off ice, spinage leafs, blue berries, raspberries, blackberries, apple juice. 

All of that makes this beaufitul thing 

Hope you guys like this healthy drink and try it some time! 

Till next time 



Saturday, 17 May 2014

POST! Annie's way facial mask

Hey everyone! 

Really excited to day because I revived my Annie's way face mask in the post! Been waiting for two weeks now and I finally get to try it! I've added the process of the mask onto some of my Vlog! Hope you guys like it when I've finished editing! 

Till next time 



Friday, 16 May 2014



so past phew days i've been eating some of my favourite foods and thought i would show you them! so yesterday for lunch i just had my lovely tomato and chilli sauce with pasta, its super yummy with a little bit of a kick :) so prefect for pretty much everybody!  
Today i had for lunch just a very simple salad with a garlic sauce on top its super filling and tasty try to out guys! 

OKAY! now this was pretty amazing! i cooked dinner for me and my dad and i did chicken breast and legs in a meditation sauce and veg! and then i just cut up a could of baby potatoes and roasted them in the sauce with the chicken! it was so amazing and full of flavour!
Okay this is a cheeky one! me and my friend Alasdair went out for a day trip to our town, an went to wetherspoons! I LOVE WETHERSPOONS! its bloody brilliant! if you've never been i really recommend going, so i just had a beef burger with chips and spicy prawns and i honestly can say i was in heaven it was so tasty and aren't the plates just too cute! 

Then we went to our local pub for open mic night! and these crisp are like... well i don't know how to even explain how amazing they actually just find them and try them!

And this is a wonderful filling healthy dinner my mum made tonight! and i couldn't finish it all but it was super amazing! there is ham, salad, roasted veg a jacket potato and a stuffed mushroom! hmmmmmmmmmmmm it was so tasty! i joyed it so much!

And last but should have been first is what i've had for breakfast everyday since i moved back home! pretty boring but it keeps me going through out the day!

ANYWAY! i should have a Vlog up soon! exciting ey? its going to be from the last couple of weeks due to the fact i've not been able to video as much with essays and university! but i hope you guys will enjoy everything! 

till next time



Sunday, 11 May 2014

Heathy simple lunch!

Sorry for the blurry picture but this was the nicest lunch ever! 

Me and my flat mate decided to make bruschetta! It's really simple and so nice! So all you need for a very simple bruschetta is French bread cucumber, tomartos and Olivie oil! And it tastes amazing and it's very healthy you don't put a lot of Olivie oil into the bowl once you've diced your cucumber and tomartos you put about a table spoon in to help the taste a little and wam bam health lunch/breafast! 

Till next time 



Monday, 5 May 2014


Hello there everyone! So I've been gone for a while I've just had so much uni work to be doing (plus the internet in my flat is rubbish) 

Anyway I've been looking at a couple of YouTube videos and getting some tips on nail designs so I've started to give them a try! They're abit scruff due to my hands shake a lot but here are a couple of cute looks I tried for my nails hope you like them! 

These are my water melon nails that I found thanks to the wonderful #bubzbeauty on YouTube this women is amazing and what makes me want to try new things! 
These are my cute little suit nails I loved these I had then for two days before I wanted to change them though! 

And these are my very messy looking panda nails which lasted like 3 hours as I get very bored 

Any way hope you've all enjoyed looking at these cute nails you can do yourself very easily with just a tooth pick! 

Till next time 



Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Custom made necklaces!

Hi again! 
My last post had a picture of a necklace in it 
One of the cutest things I've ever got! 
I love it, the little company "custom peace" check them out on Facebook you can order your own little bracelets and dream catchers! They are wonderful and fast delivery! And look amazing on and pretty cheap! I recommend you all checking them out!

Till next time 



My make-up look one

Hey guys!

So yesterday i thought I'd show you some of my simple springy make up style! so I've taken a few pictures and ill just give you guys a quick run through of what i did!
So i started off with of course cleaning my face and moisturising it (by the way ignore my hair I'd just showered)

so now i have a clean face i make sure my moisturiser has shocked in so i can begin my make up!
i use these products for my face and my base.
i begin by putting on my concealer, i use this on the eyes, spots and my t-zone where its needed. I then blend this in using my middle finger in circular motions.
 once I've done that, i add my foundation from Body Shop, i then use my foundation brush to even it out over my skin, and then the next step is to use my powered foundation, yes it may seem a lot BUT! i only quickly run this over my face just to get better coverage.
and here's the result of me doing my base make up
smileyyyyyyy!! :)

Anyway! moving on i now have a 5 simple steps to easy eye makeup! all you have to do is pick your colours i picked some more summery looking colours because it was so sunny!
I've placed the colours in the order i used them! to begin with i used to lighter colour as a base from eye to the brow evenly from there i take the light pink and base it onto just the eye lid
ignore the horrible faces i am pulling in these pictures! haha awful! 
anyway its simple eye make up that i did these were only the first 3 steps! i used these brushes to help apply and blend.

up next my favourite thing EYELINER! woo hoo 

i love eyeliner so much! makes every ones eyes look amazing in every way that you do it! i used this today to help my eyes look more open and bigger by placing the liner on the top of my eye lids.
okay so that's the 4th step next is the one and only mascara! i always use my favourite mascara's! to help lift my eyelashes and make them stand out! 

so after I'd finished my look i added blusher and some lip gloss to make them look a bit more plump and this is the over all result of my look! 

theses are some amazing pieces i picked up! the new choker is from  'Custom Peace' go check them out on facebook! You'll love their stuff!

so there you have it my simple look hope you've enjoyed reading this

Till next time



Sunday, 20 April 2014

My simple skincare routine.

Hello there guys!

Today I'm going to show you guys how i look after my skin! and where you can get these different types of products from.
so lets go!

so these are all the things i use to keep my skin healthy and clean and as spot free as a 19 year old can be.

the products above are as listed;
  • Medik8 skin care biotechnology - BetaCleanse, Anti-bacterial exfoliating foam wash.

I love this exfoliating face wash, i really couldn't live without it! i really works, i have healthy looking skin and my skin is glowing, my spot are zapped away after just two days of using this face wash. This face wash works best for my senstive skin and helps to get deep down into my pour in the tea zone area and really remove make-up and other day to day grime! 
You can get this or look at the different products for your type of skin type! go look at their own website site but you can also buy this product on the popular site 'Feel Unique'

After I put this product onto my face I take my number seven scrubber which are circular  and run  in  a circular motion  when  you press the centre button  button to my face and I use  it in  my T- zone and make sure it picks up the dirt.
 I enjoy this  product because it helps  me cleanse my skin properly, it gets in deeper into the pores to take our order and make up an everyday grime I recommend this you can get this product from any Boots store in your area or you can look online.

  • Aloe protective restoring mask for sensitive skin.
Again i couldn't live without this product!  "it does what it says on the tin" is the prefect way to describe this product.
Once i've cleansed my skin I've used this treatment I slowly  layer it over my face but not too thick it it can really become slimy  on the face as if it's another layer of skin. I normally keep this product on for about 5 or 10 minutes  or if it  really needs hydration and restorative I leave it on longer. To take this mask off all I do is take a damp flannel and slowly washed my face with it  this is taking off the product. The best thing about this product is that you can feel the skin  absorbing the product  making your skin feel amazing. this certain type of restoring mask is for sensitive skin if you look online and the body shop going to your local bodyshop you can look at the different products that can benefit to your type of skin

  • -bioactive skincare -  organic snail gel.
  I absolutely love snail  gel it makes my skin feel amazing not only does it make my skin feels amazing  it aims to  moisture repair, sooth your skin,  and is use for anti-ageing,  and I found it works for me to help reduce my spots together with the other products above the really compliment each other, the snail gelled really see any spots that start to appear and take the redness down within a couple of hours the  readiness of the spot has gone on the spot itself is now starting to disappear,  again  it really does moisturise your skin I tend to use it as an everyday product not just my cleansing routine, I also use this before  I apply make-up i find it takes down any of the spots that I do have begins to get rid of them as I   start to apply my make up.
 I got this product at Holland and Barrett  which is always a good place to pick up organic healthy products for your skin and hair.

 you are more information about Dr organic products go and visit the  doctor organic website

Heres a quick picture of how my skin looks after treating it today! hope you like the results as much as i do! and ignore my hair! trying new styles out which didn't really work for someone with thick hair like mine! hope you guys have enjoyed my skin care routine! ENJOY!

Till next time



Saturday, 19 April 2014

Changing time! What do you think?

well hello there!

First off I'm Emma this is my blog Emma heaps speaks! Cringey I know but my good friend thought of it for me! So thanks Tom! But anyway.. 

My hair is a massive thing for me to change, it's always been a big deal for me since I've been a kid but I've had quite a few different hair styles! I current have long, thick, brown, naturally curly hair.

This may be an old photo but my hair is much longer now, But you get the picture. My hair is so hard to deal with even after I've had it cut and I've had a obsession with Kylie Jenner and I've made the decision for a big change well a big change for me anyway to cut it off! So I'm going for this 

Because my current hair is so long I'm so nervous! But I'm excited too but to give you readers a good idea if how long my hair is I'm on the left if the picture below
And to finish this post off what do any if you think? Do I? Don't i? Let me know weather you all think it's worth it

Till next time