Friday, 23 January 2015


Nothing is ever clear, an sometimes you hope and pray that at some point it will be, but the truth is you've just got to wing it.

Living is just more than waiting for something to happen to you. Go outside, see the world take it all in before its too late. Make sure you live and do whatever you want... because at the end of the day i'd rather be making myself happy than anybody else. If i'm happy everything will fall into place.

You don't need to have money for that, even the smallest things can make us happy, talking to friends, going for walks, music, art, bike rides, sitting alone in a quite room reading your favourite book.
All these things make me happy and i wont ever let anyone stop me doing the things that do make me happy.

I want to live my life how i see myself, by following my rules of how to be happy. Not somebody elses, and if the things that make me happy change, then they change and I'll be growing as a person.

Be happy

Be you.