Saturday, 27 September 2014


I've Been thinking a lot about art and being creative and realising that in some way whenever someone try's to do something creative and different and magical someone in the world or even the person next too them will knock it down but it's never creative help or thought it's always in some way or another to knock us or them down...
I am a very creative person I lie in bed at night for hours recording ideas filming Radom things around my room and drawing and writing, painting and singing even listening to other art or watching I can never seem to control my mind and the way my creative side spills out of control and I've notice when I try to express that emotion and meaning and feeling that I have for my art forms, people tend to take me as a laughing stock... 
And in some ways I feel that's because that don't see me as an intelligent mind yes I can't spell correctly yes my words get mixed up and I'm not the best at writing things down the way I think that and I may say and do bizarre things but I am different

I am creative, I live and breathe different forms of art I see it everywhere everyday from when walking to university and just seeing the buildings and the trees to lying in bed and randomly making up this 
amazing story of
love and fantasy  

Everything I live and breathe is art is some form and I wouldn't change it for anything because I feel like I am lucky to be able to feel what I feel when seeing things form and helping people feel through a story or a film maybe a song or a radio show 

If I can give people what was given to me by other amazing different artist of all creative forms then I have achieved my dream

A dream to help someone realise they are amazing no matter what

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