Sunday, 26 October 2014

Home sweet home! & going LIVE on radio for the first time!!


this weekend i've finally come back to rainy old Manchester! and its been so relaxed well as much as if could be anyway! still very stressed with all my work going on at uni etc! but its all getting there! been so busy the past couple of weeks, and going to be even more busy in the next couple of weeks! i have so much work to do and get done, such as filming a documentary, my radio show, essays then planning a drama and another radio show! crazy crazy busy! but in a way i do love being busy all of the time, but its nice to just sit and relax for a while when all the rush is happening all around you


are you guys going to tune into my radio show? its happening on the 29th of October! its called headspace and its the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! and everyone loves halloween! :)

so everyone should tune in!

and go to

on the Wednesday the 29th between 2-3pm!

dont miss it to hear me and my co-presenter talk about spooky things!!!

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