Saturday, 19 April 2014

Changing time! What do you think?

well hello there!

First off I'm Emma this is my blog Emma heaps speaks! Cringey I know but my good friend thought of it for me! So thanks Tom! But anyway.. 

My hair is a massive thing for me to change, it's always been a big deal for me since I've been a kid but I've had quite a few different hair styles! I current have long, thick, brown, naturally curly hair.

This may be an old photo but my hair is much longer now, But you get the picture. My hair is so hard to deal with even after I've had it cut and I've had a obsession with Kylie Jenner and I've made the decision for a big change well a big change for me anyway to cut it off! So I'm going for this 

Because my current hair is so long I'm so nervous! But I'm excited too but to give you readers a good idea if how long my hair is I'm on the left if the picture below
And to finish this post off what do any if you think? Do I? Don't i? Let me know weather you all think it's worth it

Till next time 



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