Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My make-up look one

Hey guys!

So yesterday i thought I'd show you some of my simple springy make up style! so I've taken a few pictures and ill just give you guys a quick run through of what i did!
So i started off with of course cleaning my face and moisturising it (by the way ignore my hair I'd just showered)

so now i have a clean face i make sure my moisturiser has shocked in so i can begin my make up!
i use these products for my face and my base.
i begin by putting on my concealer, i use this on the eyes, spots and my t-zone where its needed. I then blend this in using my middle finger in circular motions.
 once I've done that, i add my foundation from Body Shop, i then use my foundation brush to even it out over my skin, and then the next step is to use my powered foundation, yes it may seem a lot BUT! i only quickly run this over my face just to get better coverage.
and here's the result of me doing my base make up
smileyyyyyyy!! :)

Anyway! moving on i now have a 5 simple steps to easy eye makeup! all you have to do is pick your colours i picked some more summery looking colours because it was so sunny!
I've placed the colours in the order i used them! to begin with i used to lighter colour as a base from eye to the brow evenly from there i take the light pink and base it onto just the eye lid
ignore the horrible faces i am pulling in these pictures! haha awful! 
anyway its simple eye make up that i did these were only the first 3 steps! i used these brushes to help apply and blend.

up next my favourite thing EYELINER! woo hoo 

i love eyeliner so much! makes every ones eyes look amazing in every way that you do it! i used this today to help my eyes look more open and bigger by placing the liner on the top of my eye lids.
okay so that's the 4th step next is the one and only mascara! i always use my favourite mascara's! to help lift my eyelashes and make them stand out! 

so after I'd finished my look i added blusher and some lip gloss to make them look a bit more plump and this is the over all result of my look! 

theses are some amazing pieces i picked up! the new choker is from  'Custom Peace' go check them out on facebook! You'll love their stuff!

so there you have it my simple look hope you've enjoyed reading this

Till next time



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