Friday, 16 May 2014



so past phew days i've been eating some of my favourite foods and thought i would show you them! so yesterday for lunch i just had my lovely tomato and chilli sauce with pasta, its super yummy with a little bit of a kick :) so prefect for pretty much everybody!  
Today i had for lunch just a very simple salad with a garlic sauce on top its super filling and tasty try to out guys! 

OKAY! now this was pretty amazing! i cooked dinner for me and my dad and i did chicken breast and legs in a meditation sauce and veg! and then i just cut up a could of baby potatoes and roasted them in the sauce with the chicken! it was so amazing and full of flavour!
Okay this is a cheeky one! me and my friend Alasdair went out for a day trip to our town, an went to wetherspoons! I LOVE WETHERSPOONS! its bloody brilliant! if you've never been i really recommend going, so i just had a beef burger with chips and spicy prawns and i honestly can say i was in heaven it was so tasty and aren't the plates just too cute! 

Then we went to our local pub for open mic night! and these crisp are like... well i don't know how to even explain how amazing they actually just find them and try them!

And this is a wonderful filling healthy dinner my mum made tonight! and i couldn't finish it all but it was super amazing! there is ham, salad, roasted veg a jacket potato and a stuffed mushroom! hmmmmmmmmmmmm it was so tasty! i joyed it so much!

And last but should have been first is what i've had for breakfast everyday since i moved back home! pretty boring but it keeps me going through out the day!

ANYWAY! i should have a Vlog up soon! exciting ey? its going to be from the last couple of weeks due to the fact i've not been able to video as much with essays and university! but i hope you guys will enjoy everything! 

till next time



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