Monday, 5 May 2014


Hello there everyone! So I've been gone for a while I've just had so much uni work to be doing (plus the internet in my flat is rubbish) 

Anyway I've been looking at a couple of YouTube videos and getting some tips on nail designs so I've started to give them a try! They're abit scruff due to my hands shake a lot but here are a couple of cute looks I tried for my nails hope you like them! 

These are my water melon nails that I found thanks to the wonderful #bubzbeauty on YouTube this women is amazing and what makes me want to try new things! 
These are my cute little suit nails I loved these I had then for two days before I wanted to change them though! 

And these are my very messy looking panda nails which lasted like 3 hours as I get very bored 

Any way hope you've all enjoyed looking at these cute nails you can do yourself very easily with just a tooth pick! 

Till next time 



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